Flirty Things To Say To A Guy | In Person Or Through Text

There are tons of flirty things to say to a guy, but each and everything doesn’t get you a response. So, instead, let us focus on saying something we know he will respond to.

Even the best and the most flirty thing to say to a guy might fall flat on its face if done incorrectly. 75% of communication between humans is all about body language and tone. And that means, only 25% of what you say matters. Also, copying and pasting flirty texts from the internet is a lazy woman’s way. Get the idea from our tips and send your own texts.

Remember, that one day you would meet him and from there, only your personality will carry things forward. Thus apart from learning what to say, you should also learn how you should say things and behave attractively.

Before We Begin

These rules can be applied to text messages too in case you are not able to meet them in person. Sometimes when you’re talking to or texting somebody that you really like, it can be hard if they’re not responding as you’d want. It may even feel like they’re not on the same page as you or ignoring you.

But before that, let us tell you an interesting fact. While what to say can be learnt quickly, learning to behave attractively is a lengthy process and requires work on oneself. A lot of articles on our websites and the recommended resources can help you do the same.

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Coming back to your current situation, you might end up wondering if maybe what you are saying to them isn’t right. Hence, we came up with a bunch of different things that you can tell the guy you like. He will respond to these, and the situation won’t be awkward.

So without wasting any time, let us jump right into what you are here for!

1. The “I Know Somebody Who Has A Crush On You”

The first thing that you could try telling him is that you know somebody who has a crush on him. It is instrumental because any time you know somebody has a crush on you, you always want to know who it is.

So if you’re noticing that the guy you like doesn’t respond much to you or your texts and you want to get an answer out of them, then try similar phrases that’ll catch them off guard.

You could then continue the conversation by either telling them directly that it is you who has a crush on them, or you can keep them guessing by dropping subtle hints and being indirect. We suggest not to tell them directly as it kills all mystery and tension and creates a bottleneck for further communication.

Once he’d want to find out who is the person in question, consider him hooked.

The “I Know Somebody Who Has A Crush On You”

2. Tell Him You Love Something He Does

This might not be one that will work for everybody. For this one to work, you actually have to go and watch him do some kind of sport or watch him play music somewhere or whatever he loves doing. Go and watch him do something that he really likes doing.

This opens up the opportunity for you to give him a genuine compliment. Just tell him that you thought he was awesome doing whatever he was doing the night before. When it comes to compliments, guys really hold on to that, and they’ll always remember one.

Sometimes you might not be able to think of something conventionally flirty right away. So, if you are looking for a speedy way, then boosting his confidence and making him feel happy is the way to go.

Just giving them little compliments that tells them they are good at something is better than complimenting them about their physical appearance. It makes them feel they’ve achieved something. It is an excellent way to start a conversation or make them feel good if you have a big crush on them.

3. Comment On His Personality

Type of flirty phrases that guys love to hear are compliments about their personality or something that you find unique about him. Comments about appearance are great, which we will get into here later on.

Take the time to get to know a guy and actually compliment him about something which makes him different from other guys. It might be something about him that may not be understood unless you take the time out to know him.

Do this, and he is going to feel like you’re really interested and invested in him. It will make you a lot more attractive to him.

4. Tell Him That You’ve Been Thinking About Him

Another flirty thing that you can say to a guy is to tell him that you were thinking about him all day. This will make them feel good every single time you say something like this. If somebody doesn’t respond to you saying so, then even we don’t know what is going on in their head :D.

Jokes apart, when somebody hears that you’ve been thinking about them or if something happened and it made you think of them, it’s going to make them realize how much you actually care about them. It shows them that they are an active part of your life.

You never know, maybe that guy’s having a really bad day or something ugly happened and he’s not really feeling that good and then all of a sudden he hears this from you. It’s one of those feel-good things that we think everybody enjoys hearing and it is kind of flirty.

So if you are thinking about them, try to tell them that you have them in your mind or text them the same and see what the response is. We can almost guarantee that they will respond to this every time.

5. Physical Appearance Matters To A Person

Compliments about a guy’s appearance are essential too. Regardless if it’s right or wrong, we all do care about how we look, and we all want to be reassured that we look good. Or at least you want to know something looks good on us in terms of appearance.

Anyone compliments you on your looks, let’s be honest, you’re going to be happy about it. So if you find something about a guy that you like, that you really are attracted to, say that. Whether it is their height or their hair or their smile. Every single person in the world has something attractive about them.

We believe that 100%. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. It’s not really about boosting his ego. It’s just about letting him know that you’re attracted to him which is obviously important if you’re trying to pursue this guy or whatever.

In our experience, one of the coolest things we’ve ever heard a girl saying to one of our friends was that she loved his nose.

Physical Appearance Matters To A Person

People Have Insecurities

Now, this might not seem extraordinary but this girl had complimented one of his biggest insecurities. So, a fun fact about him is that he had a long witch-like nose which isn’t a bad thing. But the guy used to hate it because he would take pictures and would just see a big nose.

Whatever the reason, he thought it was really unattractive. Now this girl talking to him said that his nose was her favorite thing about him. He thought of it as a non-attractive thing and then this girl was actually attracted to it.

Not only did it make him feel less self-conscious but it made him embrace it in a different way. So sometimes like it turns out, people are attracted to things about people that the person may actually be insecure about.

6. Remember The Random Details

The next flirty thing you should say to a guy is to bring up random details or bits of information about the guy that he shared with you in the past. Just show him that you remembered. So, for example, let’s say you were talking to your crush and he mentioned that he had a cute brown dog named Rocket.

Even though you’ve never really met Rocket except for maybe seeing him on Facebook or Instagram. Yeah, we know you’ve been stalking your crush. Show him you remember that he had a dog. And if you bring this up and say in a random conversation, “Hey, how’s Rocket doing?” imagine the guy’s surprise.

This might seem to be the weirdest example, but your guy would be like, “Oh my god! You remember my dog’s name?” If you remember some odd bits of information about a guy, definitely tell them that later on. It is a huge indicator that you actually pay attention to what he says.

7. A Picture A Day Keeps Nobody Away

Moving on to the next one, this is applicable only for texts and something that you “say”. But we believe this one might be the most effective. Sending pictures is a fantastic way to get somebody’s attention and getting them to respond. However, one thing you never ever want to do is send somebody nudes.

We don’t understand why people do that and why you would want to do so. If you’re going to send somebody nudes, you’re just setting yourself up for a horrible disaster down the road.

A Picture A Day Keeps Nobody Away

Include Him In Your Fun

What you want to be sending them pictures of is you going out and having fun. If you’re with your friends and you’re doing something exciting, share them with this guy.

Also, while sharing these fun pictures, you can tell them something along the lines of “Hey! I wish you were here with me” or “I was thinking about you today, and this is what I was doing”. There’s a lot of different things you can say with a picture, and it gets down to being really flirty in the long run.

It all comes down to why you’re texting them in the first place, and if you are doing something fun, you should share it with them. It shows them who you are, what you like doing and you want to include them in your fun activities. Send him more pictures as it is really flirty.

Please don’t send him nudes, period. Send him pictures of fun things that you’re doing, and it will really help and get a response from him.

8. Plan A Date And Tell Him About It

For the next one, you need some confidence going into it because it is one of those that’s a little bit nerve-wracking. What you can do is set up a plan for a night. It should be something that you really want to do with that person. Tell him about it and see what his response is.

Sometimes guys are so nervous that they won’t ask you questions or say things that have to do anything with going out. They end up not doing anything because they don’t really know what to say.

So, if you’re the one who initiates something and shares a plan of what you want to do, chances are (if he does really like you) he’s going to want to go and do it.

This one’s a little bit different, but we think it will work and will definitely get the least awkward response from him even if he denies your “invitation” due to whatever reason.

9. Show Him Some Respect

And lastly a really cool, flirty phrase that guys like to hear, especially when girls say it is when you genuinely compliment them. Show them that you are proud of them or show that you respect them as a person. Telling them something as simple as you think they’re a good person often does wonders.

At the end of the day, we all want to be appreciated, but we also want to be respected. And if a guy ever does something that is brave and respectful, tell him you find that impressive. Whatever it may be, you legitimately tell him in a very genuine sense that you’re proud of him.

That goes a long way, and it’s just such a great feeling of satisfaction.

Show Him Some Respect


When you’re talking to the guy you like, try to use one of the suggestions above and let us know how it goes. All of these should be able to get some kind of response out of him. These are a few flirty things to say to a guy even if it doesn’t seem like or seems unconventional.

We hope that this can help everybody out there because we don’t want you to feel like you’re being ignored and feel like the person that you like doesn’t like you back. So, make sure that if any of these do help you, leave a comment down below and tell us which one it was.

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