About Us

Has it ever happened that you wanted some practical advice on love life and got really confused that what is the best course for you to take? Or, maybe you got confused after hearing a lot of advice, both good and bad.

Or even worse, you somehow followed somebody’s instructions only to learn that this was not at all the right one as per your situation? Well, we all have done so at some point in time, and that is why we got the idea for Reboot Love Life.

The job over here is simple: ‚Äčto create the most detailed, trust-able, and wonderful resource for some practical advice that will greatly benefit your love life and other areas as well.


RebootLoveLife.com consists of a group of people who were frustrated with the kind of information that was available on the internet for dating and relationships.

Problems in our own love life and our search for solutions led us to several resources that seemed good at first but our perceptions changed later. Upon applying those ‘expert tips’ we found that many of them simply did not work.

The advice seemed to work in an idealistic world rather than the practical one that we live in. Thus, we felt the need for giving out information on ‘as is’ basis. No fluff, unfiltered, and based on our experiences. We are no experts and don’t claim to be so.

What worked for us, might not work for you but at least you would know that this information shouldn’t be treated as the bible. And we don’t mean to say that this worked 2-3 people or the website owners only. We only include information that has worked for around a solid 35-40 people.

This data helps us uncover patterns of human behavior. If our information resonates with you, please go ahead and apply it in your own life. If it doesn’t, please look for alternatives, suggest them to us and let us try them out. Never would we make the mistake of saying that ours is the absolute authority in this area.

However we would only be able to update the current information with a counter point of view if and only if it beats our current benchmark of 35-40 people. We are open and happy to update our content if it seems to work for people in general.

RebootLoveLife is committed to providing you with the most in-depth, comprehensive, and unbiased practical advice for your love life.


Alas, nothing in the world is free and this website has incurred a lot of cost for creation, updates, and maintenance. Reboot Love Life is purely supported by readers like you.

When you click on the product links to buy recommended products, we may earn just enough money (as affiliate commissions) to continue bringing in awesome content for you. Anything you buy through our link, you pay nothing extra for that.

But the vendors pay us a small amount as a commission for bringing them a sale. Since you can choose to buy whatever you like, rest assured that we are not being biased when we recommend a particular product. It is indeed one of the top-notch stuff in the market.

Also, our ad partners like Google Adsense etc. pay us for displaying ads on our website.